About the girl behind the scene

For your information
Full name: Nur Amira A. Hussin "A" stands for awesomeness 
Known as: Miraa Hussin, Miraa, Mia
D.O.B: 12 October 199X
P.O.B: Hospital Papar Sabah
Race: Brunei + Kadazandusun
Nationality: Malaysian
Height: 155cm T_____________T shut up hahaha
Just facts of me: 
               1. Selfie a lot but only look good with a "bunked face".
               2. Eats a lot thats why I'm fat T__________T hahahaha
               3. Dislikes backstabber cause they're just too .......
               4. Don't talk much but write much and just TOO MUCH
               5. Love cats but sneeze a lot
               6. Dislikes unfollowers
               7. Can work in a group of new people but need a guide
               8. Have lots of idea, but aaa aaa eee eee uuu when doing presentations 
               9. Love to imagine crazy thing cause its fun
               10. Addicted to pink & other kawaii stuffs
               11. Loves musics, CSI, Korean drama, action movies, cartoons, Science but hate horror
               12. Don't know how to make-up, so now I'm learning
               13. Right handed but love to draw
               14. Investments seems fun, but I hate scams & mlm
Contact: miraahussin[at]gmail[dot]com // miraahussin24[at]gmail[dot]com
               Note: [at] diganti dengan @ dan [dot] diganti dengan .
                        Mengelak daripada spam

Educational background
Prasekolah SK Kuala 
SJK Cheng Hwa
SK Pekan
SK Kambizaan
SMK Majakir Papar (2008- June 2013) - PMR , SPM, STPM *tak ambil exam STPM pun haha*
Politeknik Kuching Sarawak: IT-Networking course (June 2013-March 2014)

Full time blogger :D (March - June 2014)
Royal T Management Services: Telemarketer (June - August 2014)

Online business
FB: Miraa Hussin's blog ( 18 September 2011 - current) 
FB: Strawberry Caramel Shop (2012-2013)
BLOG: Pretty Braces (2012-current) [Click here to go to PB's blog]
INSTAGRAM: #MIRAAHUSSINSSHOP (New) [Click here to go to MHS]

Yezz! magazine - January 2013 [1][2][3]

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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